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Translation Company in Petaling Jaya. Ringo Language & Translation Services is a leading language centre and translation based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Ringo Language & Translation Services

With experience of serving thousands of clients nationwide, Ringo is strive to deliver the best linguistic services to our clients. Based in Petaling Jaya, Ringo has been providing the finest quality of learning experience and translation services for corporate clients and language learners since 1999.

Our mission is to provide individuals with engaging and immersive learning environments to master a new language. With our unique teaching systems and proven learning methodologies, individuals are able to fast track their language proficiency while enjoying the entire learning process.

RINGO has a team of experienced native speakers and well-trained instructors with strong backgrounds and qualifications. With their experience and interesting personalities, our instructors strive to create fun and engaging learning environments for our students. 

With our experienced linguists, we are able to deliver top notch translation services and cost-effective interpretation solutions to the market. Our translation team is capable of translating any texts in more than 50 languages. We are committed towards our client’s privacy, so we’ll treat each translation project as private and confidential.

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